Questions to Ponder

question-markNot too long ago, I read a book called The Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard, a well-known philosopher (recently deceased), from the University of Southern California.   Like most philosophers, his writings are rich with the compelling questions of life.

In this book,  Willard posed at least 5 questions which have captivated me for months. These questions are:


What is reality?

Who is well off?

What is the good life?

Who is a really good person?

How do you become a really good person?


I suspect that there are as many answers to these questions as there are individuals in this world. If you are like me, my answers now would be very different from 10 years ago, and will differ again in another 10 years.

I believe, though, that how I answer these questions—what I value and hold dear to my heart either consciously or unconsciously will guide my steps and my life.


I am choosing to not even attempt to answer these questions in this blog – I ponder over them regularly, and have some thoughts on them, but instead I leave them as a gift for you. May these questions capture your soul (mind, heart, and emotions).




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