Why Write a Blog?



I have been contemplating writing a blog for the last year. It seems like everyone is writing a blog. (Maybe that is because I read so many of them). So why am I entering into this process?

I am not sure…..It isn’t that I think that I am particularly wise, or even have that much to offer. I have written for years – mostly journals—about my experiences and interactions. I have written a few pieces for our church newsletter. I have been told that I write clearly and in an accessible manner, but I am not really writing for others – However, that said, I am delighted if I can give hope and encouragement to others, and have a connection with others through my writing.

I have suffered from chronic anxiety most of my life. Living with anxiety can be crippling. Sometimes taking steps of action feel like stepping into an abyss. My thoughts and feelings spin around in my head like rocks in a tumbler. I sometimes feel paralyzed by my thoughts and emotions.

There is something about putting things on paper that orders my internal life—I am writing because it orders my soul. I find my soul when I write.

Join me in this journey into deep waters.


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8 Responses to Why Write a Blog?

  1. Karen says:

    LIVE! I love this Kim and look forward to what’s to come. Cheers!

  2. I’ve had anxiety, OCD, and depression for as long as I can remember. Thank you for inspiring us with your words Kim!

  3. Pamela Beer says:


    I know you will be encouraged and encourage others through your journey!

  4. ardisanelson says:

    Well done and welcome! May your writing journey give you peace and inspire others on their path to find healing and wholeness. ❤ Ardis

  5. KimTalim says:

    Thanks Ardis. I appreciate your encouragement!

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